We are equipped with Latest Technology for Laser Hair Reduction. FDA approved Ice-Cool Diode Laser technology makes it a virtually painless procedure. Absolutely no side effects on skin. Diode technology reduces the growth at an accelerated speed and full results are achieved in couple of sittings itself. Unlike old traditional IPL machines, Diode technology results are visible after 1 session itself and works on all types of hair. This machine has an advanced built in cooling technology thus patient will not experience any pain or discomfort during the session. Laser hair reduction works on all skin types and is now available at very affordable prices. After completing the laser treatment, hair will not grow in treated area and patient will never need to do waxing or threading. This treatment is a unisex procedure. Full body hair removal, particular body part hair removal, or facial hair removal. We can also do precision beard shaping for men.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Lips to legs, laser hair removal at Milan can take care of any hair on your body with ease. Our laser can treat delicate areas (like Bikini and Brazilian), and gently eliminates your hairiest concerns.

Milan’s staff is discreet and professional, so even the most sensitive areas will be well-cared for. Got a question about a specific area? Don’t be bashful, we’ve heard them all!

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  • No maintenance.
  • Increased skin sensation.
  • Lower friction without hair.
  • The pleasures of permanently smooth skin.

The Unlimited Package

Exclusive to The Envie Cosmetic Clinic, the Unlimited Package is the only laser hair removal package that includes unlimited sessions of laser hair removal on an area for one affordable price. The average person needs 7 to 10 sessions, and packages are typically sold in 6 or 9. Too few, or not enough? Not with the Unlimited Package at Milan.

No surprise costs, and no running out of sessions before you’re completely smooth!